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Eric Gaddy, USA

I had already booked an appointment with EuroDental in Tulum and when I arrived Tuesday morning, they were ready for me. The office had all of the modern equipment that you would see in any US dental office.

The dentist I met with earlier in the week was not there but a very nice lady started the process of cleaning my teeth. After the cleaning, I see her prepping the novocaine shot and getting the tools ready. Next thing I know, she is the one injecting me with the shot, as the shot is coming down into my mouth, my first thought was “Oh no, I might have made a big mistake.” This is one of those shots you get in the front of your mouth that normally stings pretty bad but I felt zip, nada and nothing. The person who I thought was a dental hygientist and who still might be one, gave me the most pleasant novocaine shot I have ever gotten. The cavities were filled without a problem and I was free to go. What would have cost me over $600 in the states, cost me $125 in Mexico. I was extremely impressed.

E K. Vista, San Diego, CA

Spouse had an old crown come off of a molar during beginning of vacation in Akimal, so I searched yelp for ideas.   Eurodental owner responded to messages very promptly on a Sunday.  We had commitment on Monday, so had to delay going in until Tuesday.  He took care of discussing recommendations and glueing crown back on promptly.  Luckily we already have an appointment with our T.J. dentist within two weeks when we can address more permanently.   Everybody was nice and dentist speaks English very well.  Thank you!!

Dana M. Vancouver, Canada

This was an amazing experience!! I chipped a tooth in the front of my mouth and they were able to fix it in about 20 mins….I walked in to make an appointment for an hour later and that was it…super easy professional and friendly.!!

Jeff P. Edmonton, Canada

We were vacationing at a resort close to Tulum.  On the first day, I broke my tooth at dinner.
I contacted Eurodental the next day, got a prompt response, and the they scheduled me to come it later that afternoon.
The dentist was professional and very careful.  She gave me a temporary filling and recommended I see my dentist for a root canal and crown as soon as I returned.
The care was exceptional.
Thank you Eurodental