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Eric Gaddy, USA

Eric Gaddy, USA

I had already booked an appointment with EuroDental in Tulum and when I arrived Tuesday morning, they were ready for me. The office had all of the modern equipment that you would see in any US dental office.

The dentist I met with earlier in the week was not there but a very nice lady started the process of cleaning my teeth. After the cleaning, I see her prepping the novocaine shot and getting the tools ready. Next thing I know, she is the one injecting me with the shot, as the shot is coming down into my mouth, my first thought was “Oh no, I might have made a big mistake.” This is one of those shots you get in the front of your mouth that normally stings pretty bad but I felt zip, nada and nothing. The person who I thought was a dental hygientist and who still might be one, gave me the most pleasant novocaine shot I have ever gotten. The cavities were filled without a problem and I was free to go. What would have cost me over $600 in the states, cost me $125 in Mexico. I was extremely impressed.


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